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1 An Experimental Evaluation of Performance and Emission Characteristics for Modified Diesel Engine Using Biofuel Dinesh Ramchandani Download
2 An Experimental Evaluation of Performance and Emission Characteristics for Modified Diesel Engine Using Mixed Biofuel Yogendra Rathore Download
3 Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Helically arranged Unconstrained Elastomer Layered Treatment over Structural Steel Beams of Various Cross-section, for Improved Vibration Characteristics Agarshna Murari M Download
4 Fretting Wear Behaviours of Bonded Solid Lubricant Coatings: A Review Natish Patyal Download
5 Stacking Sequence Optimization of Laminated Composite Plate using GA and ACO P. Emmanuel Nicholas Download
6 Lean Modelling – A Case Study for the Indian SME Neha Verma Download
7 Optimal Effect of Ferroboron Content by Paste Technique on Microhardness in Hardfaced Mild Steel Dhananjay Singh Yadav Download
8 Flow characteristics of adiabatic capillary tube using R-12 as a refrigerant by mathematical modeling and CFD analysis Jaspreet Singh Download
9 Effect of Silicon Dioxide (Sio2) On Physical and Mechanical Properties of Vinyl Ester Composite Gurkirat Singh Download
10 A statistical approach to demonstrate the variation in hardness of Heat affected zones and weld pool formed during TIG welding between P91-P22 grade steels Ankit Dua Download
11 Design and Development of Horn and Slurry Circulation System in Ultrasonic Machining Ramesh Guttedar Download
12 Dynamic Response of Damaged Cantilever Beam Subjected to Traversing Mass Shakti P Jena Download
13 Comparative Experimental Study of Friction and Wear Properties of MMC and Hybrid MMC Gurpreet Singh Download
14 Effect of Solar Insolation and Heat Loss Coefficient on Performance of Solar Air Heater Khushmeet Kumar Download
15 Investigating the influencing process parameters in conventional Turning of AISI 1020 carbon steel using Taguchi approach Nityanand Jha Download
16 Run time to failure analysis of ball bearings under varying loads using vibration signature Abhishek Rawat Download
17 Investigation on Influence of Elements and Parameters of the Suspension System in the Vibration and Isolation Dr.J.Jancirani Download
18 Volumetric Efficiency Appraisal and Cold Flow Study of Formulae Student Vehicle Kartik Panchal Download
19 Dynamic Analysis of Boron Nitride Nanotube Reinforced Nano Composite Coronary Stents Surbhi S. Bhagwat Download
20 Crack Effect on Natural Frequency of Spring Supported Cantilever Mangesh S Kotambkar Download
21 An Integrated AHP Approach in SCM for Machine Tool Selection Rajveer Singh Download
22 Effect of Used Transformer Oil on Efficiency of Compression Ignition Engine Mahir Hussain Salmani Download
23 Rotary Ultrasonic Machining of Advanced Materials: A Review Ravi Pratap Singh Download
24 BIOFUELS -A Safer Substitute Santosh Ranjan Paul Download
26 Modelling For Maintenance Job Cost - An Approach Dr. Dinesh Verma Download
27 Comparative Evaluation of Facility Layout Alternatives Based on Material Handling Cost Monika Sharma Download
28 Recent Advances in Green Composites – A Review Bhaskar Chandra Kandpal Download
29 Speical Issue into the Database Side Brijesh Patel Download