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International Journal for Technological Research in Engineering is Peer Reviewed Journal. IJTRE is not limited to a specific aspect of science and engineering but is instead devoted to a wide range of sub-fields in the engineering sciences. While it encourages a broad spectrum of contribution in the engineering sciences, its core interest lies in issues concerning material modelling and response. The primary goal of IJTRE is to publish high-quality papers in engineering field. IJTRE is peer reviewed indexed journal which is available in both format one is in online and another is in printing.

The published papers are made highly visible to the scientific community through a wide indexing policy adopted by this online international journal. Hence, they can freely be accessed and utilized by everyone for the development of science and technology.

IJTRE Journal welcomes all the original research papers, conceptual articles, reviewed papers from tremendous fields of science and technology and moreover papers are selected and are reviewed by our expert editorial team as per the paper forwarded by Also editorial in chief. Our strong team member will come back to you with all the feedback within a week.

It's our privilege to invite you to submit your research work in our journal which is influencing the world with the concept of innovation and techniques. You can send your paper on any of this discipline

Branch Covered

Civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Electronic and communication engineering, aeronautical engineering, General engineering, resources engineering and other tremendous discipline of engineering field. Medicine, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, general biology, Physic, Chemistry, Mathematics and other field of general science.

Achievements Of IJTRE

ISSN (O): 2347-4718

⇒ ISSN (P): 2347-9450

⇒ Index Copernicus (IC) Value for 2014: 53.03

⇒ Index Copernicus (IC) Value for 2013: 4.81



Process Of Review

Our review process is double-blinded that is the reviewer does not know the author(s) detail and meanwhile author(s) also are unaware about the reviewer. Authors are finally provided with the feedback of the paper.


Aim & Scope

This journal is commenced with the aim of assisting the researchers to provide the best platform to expose their innovation and thoughts. We appreciate the new vision and innovative thoughts that helps in research and findings. We also aims to commence own research platform through which tremendous innovation will be carried on very soon.


Benefits of Publishing Paper in IJTRE

⇒ Quick, qualitative and Speedy Review and Publication Process

⇒ Prestigious Reviewers from Well-known Institutes/Universities among the world.

⇒ Provide author research guidelines & support by mail

⇒ Indexing of paper in all major online journal databases like Google Scholar, Researcher ID, and


Terms & Conditions

(1) As per the terms & Condition of IJTRE organization, it applies to our website As per the policies of IJTRE. When you are accessing our URL address you are bound to our terms and condition. This term and condition, including all the policy mentioned on the website.

(2) Our online system and website service are available for 24x7. And it is very reliable to use and access. Due to some technical fault it can be unavailable, but IJTRE is not liable for lost information or any disperency in the website.

(3) IJTRE always publishes paper in PDF form. So it cannot be modified.

(4) Publication fees include maintenance and operating charge of the website, postal charges for verifications, review charges, organization handling& other miscellaneous charges. When author will send confirmation of payment receipt, then and then paper will be published.

(5) As per the copyright acts for all the information, graphs, tables, figures, data, contents available in research article IJTRE, editorial members and review board members are not liable for any plagiarism in the research article. Authors have to submit a copyright form available on the website in prescribing format. Without this we cannot publish research paper.